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Foxtrot is committed to meeting the increasing energy requirements of Côte d’Ivoire. The duty of the 3G (Fitting French acronym for « Geophysics», « Geology » (...)

Projects and Works

FOXTROT INTERNATIONAL calls on experts for carrying out special operations which require critical skills which may not exist in-house. It might be, for (...)


Since 2012, Foxtrot International has initiated an ambitious modernisation program of its information system so as to sustain the growth of the group and (...)


FOXTROT International Successfully Completes...

4 October 2016

FOXTROT International Successfully Completes Four-Year Development Campaign in Côte d’Ivoire
Abidjan, 30 September (...)

Nouvelle traduction : La troisième édition du Séminaire National de...

22 July 2016

La troisième édition du Séminaire National de l’Energie s’est déroulée les 13 et 14 juillet 2016 à Yamoussoukro, la (...)

FOXTROT International plays host to MIGA

19 June 2016

On Wednesday, February 17 2016, Mrs Keiko HONDA, Executive Vice President & Managing Director of the (...)

Societal responsability

FOXTROT International is mindful of the need to be actively involved in sustainable development, and is following in this respect corporate (...)

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The recruitment of our employees plays a vital role in our development strategy. The challenges of our profession, as well as its high-tech...


Mr Jean-Michel BONNET is the CEO of FOXTROT International and the chair of the Management Committee composed of 12 (...)